Announcing Changes to our IV Hydration Menu in Milwaukee

For our Milwaukee Clients, we have some exciting updates to our IV hydration therapy menu. 

In an effort to help more people take charge of their health and strengthen their immune systems, we are making a few changes to our IV Hydration menu. 

Beginning immediately, the following changes go into effect:

Introducing the Immune IV: This IV for $100 might be just right if you’re looking for a small boost to your immune system or cold recovery. This hydrating IV with Vitamin C and Zinc pairs well with the Vitamin D intramuscular shot and could provide the right monthly maintenance routine. Similar to our Cold + Flu IV, toradol for pain and zofran for vomiting and nausea may be added at no extra cost if our medical staff recommends based on symptoms, vitals and health history.

The much loved Sinusitis IV has a new name – Super Immune IV. Dr. Jack relies on this drip plus the super B IM shot and Glutathione IM shot to keep his immune system optimized. Like the Cold + Flu IV, this hydrating drip features Vitamin C, Zinc and B Vitamins but MORE of each plus magnesium. Also similar to the Cold + Flu IV, you are welcome to return to IVme within 48 hours of this IV treatment to receive a follow up Super Immune IV for 50% off.

Thank you for taking time to review these changes. We are grateful for your ongoing support and loyalty to IVme. It’s an honor to be your partner on your health journey.


Heather Herrick, Co-Founder and Clinic Director

IVme Wellness + Aesthetics Milwaukee

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