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What is IV Hydration?

IV Hydration Therapy is a proven medical treatment that provides maximum absorption of essential electrolytes, vitamins, nutrients and medicines for optimal health.  Appointments recommended. Please allow 30 to 45 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IV Hydration?

IV, or intravenous hydration therapy is a medical treatment that delivers fluids directly into a vein by way of a soft plastic catheter (which quickly replaces the initial needle), tube, and bag of fluids. It’s the fastest way to deliver fluid replacement throughout the body. Chances are pretty high that you have either experienced an IV or know someone who has, and witnessed how quickly IVs help a person bounce back and feel great. That’s the benefit of IV hydration therapy: it is the fastest way to restore your body’s fluid levels and get you feeling back to yourself.

Is IV Hydration a new treatment?

Intravenous therapy has been practiced by physicians for over a hundred years with it becoming widely acceptable and used in hospitals in the mid 1900’s. Considering that about 80% of hospitalized patients receive IV Therapy, chances are high that you or someone you know has experienced firsthand the rapid relief and recovery benefits of IV therapy. While IV hydration is a widely practiced and minimally invasive procedure, it still requires the knowledge of experienced experts who a) are medically trained, experienced and credentialed, b) know how to assess a patient’s vitals and health history to make sure an IV is the right form of treatment, and c) follow the best procedures and protocols for administering IVs safely and comfortably. IVme has been administering IV Hydration Therapy since 2012, was the first hydration center in the midwest and the third in the country, and has been used as the role model for other IV centers opening across the country.

How do I evaluate IV Hydration Centers?

Before getting an IV Hydration treatment, be sure to evaluate the credentials and licensing of the medical center, medical director and its staff, the cleanliness and safety protocols of the facility, and the quality of the IV supplies and equipment. Some IV centers source pre-mixed IV bags from suppliers; IVme believes IV hydration requires a higher level of personalization to achieve optimal results which is why our bags are mixed on site after assessing your health goals and history. IVme opened in 2012 and was the third IV Hydration center to open in the country. We take our leadership role seriously and practice the highest standards of procedures, protocols, and customer service for our full line of treatments. Our team is led by board-certified physicians and medical directors who serve an active role in the day-to-day protocols and procedures. Our IVme clinical staff consists of former and active top-performing hospital nurses and medics. As you get to know each of us, you’ll soon discover we all share a passion for helping people live their best life through education, tried and true treatments, and a uniquely human approach. We value your trust and are excited to be a part of your journey to better health.

Does IV Hydration hurt?

That depends on who’s administering the IV. At IVme we have nurses and medics with ER and pediatric experience who have extensive training with best practices for administering IVs. The majority of our patients will tell you they didn’t feel a thing. Some will tell you it pinched. No one has complained about pain. We do have several patients who are nervous about needles which is why we have special protocols to ensure safety and comfort as explained by a recent customer, “Also, I hate needles. Just ask my wife! She’ll tell you I pass out just at the sight of one. During my first IV treatment, I explained all of this. The IV Starter listened, asked questions and then situated me in a reclining chair and incorporated ice packs and numbing spray. The IVme team is really, really gentle when it comes to needles.” (source: NAD IV Customer Testimonial)

What is the IV Hydration experience like at IVme?

Our aim is to provide a relaxing and friendly environment to our customers. Everyone who walks into IVme is choosing to improve their health. That makes for a very happy atmosphere. Being surrounded by people who are choosing to improve their health and wellness is what fuels our team.
When you come to IVme, you’ll meet with our medical staff to discuss the reason for your visit, and complete a brief health assessment. Once we’ve determined your treatment and that you’re a candidate for an IV, a registered nurse or certified medic will administer your IV and then get you situated in one of our beautiful patient rooms, with comfortable lounge chairs. We offer both private rooms and small group rooms.

How long do IV Hydration treatments take?

IV hydration treatments take about 30 to 45 minutes, but vary depending upon your selected treatment and hydration levels. If you are short on time, be sure to ask our IV Start Staff for options to safely expedite treatments.

Drip At Home

With advanced booking our team can come to you when you are within 25 miles of an IVme center.

Please call your local center to check availability and pricing.