Athletic IV


Athletic IV

Athletic IV Hydration

Athletic IV

Peak Physical Performance

The Athletic IV

Gets to Work Immediately

Athletes committed to optimal health and performance understand the benefits of proper hydration and diet. Whether you’re leveling up your training or behind on hydration intake, IV Hydration Therapy at IVme can be a game-changer. 

Used by athletes of all levels, this personalized treatment includes fluids, medications, vitamins and nutrients. A Super B intramuscular (IM) shot is included with this treatment to aid with fitness optimization.

Specially Designed for Optimal Health + Performance

The IVme Athletic IV takes about 30 to 45 minutes and helps with:



Muscle recovery + inflammation

Cellular repair

Pain relief



Popular With

Popular With

Professional + College Athletes | Golfers | Triathletes | Runners | Road Cyclists |CrossFit Teams | Fitness Trainers + Coaches


About Your Athletic IV Hydration Experience

1. Appointments are recommended and walk-ins are welcomed based on availability.

2. You will be greeted by our friendly Patient Specialists to get you checked into our HIPAA-compliant medical records system and capture the reason for your visit.

3. After registering, our medical staff member will accompany you to the IV Start Room to assess your symptoms, medical history and vitals.

4. Our medical staff will then administer your IV. You should expect a small pinch, although often customers tell us they feel nothing at all.

5. After your IV is administered, you will be led to a private and quiet room to relax while your body takes in the hydration, medicines and nutrients leading to almost immediate relief.

6. The Athletic IV takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Our team will complete regular check-ins to monitor the drip and your progress.

7. When your IV hydration drip is complete, our medical staff will gently remove the IV and apply a sterile gauze pad and coban.

8. On your way out, please stop at the front desk to check out; IVme accepts cash and credit.

9. Your opinion matters to us and we would greatly appreciate a Google Review . Tipping is also an option (but not expected) for patients who found their experience exceptional.