Meet Faiza Rammuny, Chicago-based writer, comic, blogger, podcaster, influencer and relationship advisor

Cosmetic Injectables

Meet Faiza Rammuny, Chicago-based writer, comic, blogger, podcaster, influencer and relationship advisor

Faiza Rammuny is a 35-year old Muslim Arab woman who uses the social media moniker @expirednfabulous because at age 25, she fulfilled one of her conservative Palestinian father’s worst fears – she became “expired” – unmarried and had no foreseeable marriage prospects. After a series of relationship trials and tribulations Faiza came to understand that society, family, culture, religion, friends, and partners didn’t define her. Faiza is fabulous and has made it her mission to help others define their own identities and love themselves by sharing her story and dating experiences unabashedly.

IVme: What advice would you give to your penguins, the endearing term you call your followers, on using cosmetic injectables? 

Faiza: Before you do anything, you need to figure out who you are and be comfortable with that person. Second, research and find the best of the best to work with. In Muslim and many other cultures, cosmetic treatments are not acceptable. I believe, however, that there is no shame in wanting to enhance my natural beauty. The MusRab (Faiza’s own terminology for a Muslim Arab) community doesn’t like to talk about cosmetic treatments, but we do it anyways. I’ve experienced and seen some women with really botched results, because they wanted to be discreet and ended up using a practitioner that was not skilled and/or off the beaten path for fear of discovery. Third, cosmetic injectables aren’t about changing you – they’re about enhancing and maintaining your natural beauty. It’s important that you can identify the person looking back at you in the mirror after your treatment(s). Don’t work with someone that wants to change how you look. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and wanting to stay as close to that form of yourself as possible! When I came to IVme, I immediately vibed with Rhonda. She understood where I was coming from and that I wanted to enhance, not change my identity. Rhonda has great hands and you can see from the photos that the results of her fine-tuning are F-ing amazing!

IVme: While you were receiving your cosmetic injectables, you tried our Beauty IV Hydration treatment, a get red-carpet ready hydrating IV that restores your skin’s natural glow, improves the shine of your hair, and leaves you looking radiant. What did you think?

Faiza: It’s a shame I went home after my treatment instead of out for the night, because I was ready to walk the red-carpet! I’m usually nervous around needles, but Rhonda and the IVme team were terrific at educating me and walking me through the entire process. I felt and looked refreshed and an added bonus was that it also helped with my migraine. I would totally do it again. Taking the Beauty IV Hydration while I was getting my cosmetic injectables was an efficient way to feel good and look good.  

Faiza’s authentic, poignant and hilarious sharing of her journey as a modern day MusRab (Muslim Arab) woman living in a Western world and the advice that she shares with her global penguin community that come from various religious, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations can be seen on YouTube (her videos have been viewed over 3 million times), Instagram and Facebook (over half a million followers), her blog, her audiobook and her recently launched, Girl Talk, REAL Talk podcast.