hCG Weight Loss at IVme

After several of our clients requested that we add an hCG Diet Plan to our services, our medical staff completed an exhaustive investigation and experienced the program first hand. What we discovered is that it works when high-quality hCG is used as part of a medically monitored hCG plan. We were so confident with the results of our research and experience that we started providing the hCG Diet Plan immediately. We are committed to offering the safest and highest quality hCG to help you take the first steps towards lasting changes for a better quality of life.

Benefits of hCG Weight Loss

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Lose Weight Quickly

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Maintain Happier Mood

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Jumpstart Healthier Lifestyle

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Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

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People Ready for Healthy Lifestyle Change

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High School and College Reunions


Wedding and Honeymoons

High School Reunion, Here I Come

“I was excited about my upcoming High School Reunion, but not happy about the weight I had gained over the years. In my 20s and 30s, I had no problem maintaining a healthy weight, but as I got older and life got in the way it wasn’t that easy anymore. Each year brought a few more pounds and less time to care for myself. My neighbor recommended the hCG diet; he lost 30 pounds with no problem. I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did! The weight came off with ease and my appetite was completely under control.” – Stacy R.