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Make the most of your time with our mobile service

If you’re like me, you know life is short. We all learn that lesson in different, private experiences.  I’ve always pushed to get the most out of every hour, every day. Balancing family, financial obligations and health while pursuing my dreams is difficult. When I’m run down or sick, I miss out on some valuable hours. In college it set me back in my football training, in med school it set me back with my studies. These days it sets me back from growing my business and caring for my employees and patients.

It was during med school when I experienced first-hand the power of intravenous hydration.  One day during my residency, I was visibly ill and an anesthesiologist took notice. He hooked me up to an IV with hydrating fluids and vitamins.  I immediately felt better and was able to complete my rounds. I was astounded at how quickly I improved and immediately began researching how to bring this therapy to more people.

I teamed up with Dr. Scott Yilk and Gina Werner, RN to combine our emergency room experience, knowledge and expertise and open Chicago’s first IV hydration center. Our goal was simple: to help people feel their best every day.

IV Hydration Mobile Services

We offer IV hydration therapy out of our two medical wellness centers in Chicago, plus we offer house calls.  We understand that sometimes your schedule or your health makes it difficult to visit one of our two Chicago centers when you need it most.  That’s why our team is ready to bring our IV hydration therapy to you at your…

  • home
  • office
  • hotel

We’ve even made a few visits to local boats!

Whether its convenience or privacy you’re seeking, our team of medical professionals will provide you the same superior personalized care experienced at our centers.

The IVme Difference

Administering IVs is not complicated, but it does require specialized expertise and superior equipment and supplies for safety and effectiveness.  All IVme hydration treatments are administered by fully accredited, licensed, and experienced registered nurses, medics and board-certified physicians using hospital-grade equipment and supplies.  Plus we follow strict protocol for storing and transporting IV hydration therapies to ensure high-quality, safe and effective treatments for you.

Popular IVme Mobile Services

IVme’s mobile services requested most are:

  • Base IV for morning sickness
  • Cold + Flu for knocking out the illness before it takes hold
  • Recovery IV for hangovers and food poisoning
  • Beauty IV for black tie events and special occasions
  • IV Hydration Station for golf outings, corporate events and wedding parties

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