Micronutrient Maintenance To Optimize You

Vitamin Shots

Vitamin Shots Provide 100% Absorption

At IVme, we give intramuscular shots, also called IM shots, as a safe and easy way to prevent and eliminate micronutrient deficiencies. Because IM shots bypass the digestive track 100% absorption can be achieved and can be a preferred alternative to daily supplements.

Consistent doses of micronutrients and antioxidants through intramuscular shots help regulate energy levels, immune health, metabolism, mood, sleep and overall wellness. IM Shots take about 5 to 10 minutes. Appointments are recommended and walk-ins are welcomed.

Needles Don’t Have to Be Scary

You won’t find a team more skilled or committed to your health than IVme. Our doctors, nurses and medics administer an average of 13,000 vitamin shots per year and consistently receive 5-star reviews for safety, cleanliness, expertise and exceptional patient care.

Our Clinical Team

Vitamin Shot Clinical Team - Photo by Studio 29 Photography https://foto-29.com/
Uses the same best practices, protocols and supplies used in top medical offices across the country
Excels when it comes to helping you determine the best IM shot for your health goals
Administers your IM Shot with a gentle touch
Because we’re focused on treating people before they’re ill and keeping people feeling, looking and performing their best, our patients love coming to IVme. And we love being surrounded by people who are active participants in their health.

Vitamin Shots Menu

Vitamin Shots Menu

Vitamin B12

Both a vitamin and a mineral, B12 is critical for the body’s production of red blood cells, nerve function, melatonin production, energy levels, & metabolism. Our patients experience increased energy, better sleep, suppressed appetite and better focus. Because B12 absorption is complicated, deficiencies in B12 are not uncommon.

Lipo B

This combination of vitamins and fat-burning amino acids helps accelerate weight loss efforts while regulating sleep, mood, and appetite.

Super B

Vitamin B12 plus other B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and metabolism-increasing amino acids help boost energy, immune system and metabolic rate PLUS aid with regulating sleep, mood and appetite.


This B-vitamin helps support skin, hair and nerve health and is preferred by customers for promoting fingernail strength.


A popular supplement for addressing declining levels associated with aging. This antioxidant has been used to help reduce damage caused by free radicals, sustain energy levels, protect the heart and improve the appearance of photoaged skin.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is essential to staying healthy. This important vitamin may help protect against bone loss, mood changes, and immune system disorders. IVme’s Vitamin D IM shots provide a safe and simple way to treat Vitamin D deficiencies.
Vitamin D IM Shots Details


With aging, poor diet, chronic illness, and excessive stress, natural glutathione levels decrease. This powerhouse antioxidant is important for neutralizing free radicals, aiding immune function, decreasing muscle damage, and increasing strength and recovery. It is also used by patients wanting to eliminate uneven skin tones and improve skin health.


A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain medicine used for short-term pain management.


This triple-defense immunity formula consists of potent antioxidants and an essential mineral known to help decrease inflammation, optimize cell function and increase immune response. Features: Glutathione, Vitamin C and Zinc.


The NAD+ intramuscular shot provides a slow release of low-dose NAD+ in a fraction of the time of NAD+ IV Therapy. Patients and research show that NAD+ supplementation can help restore natural baseline levels and improve energy, endurance, pain and inflammation.

In 2022, IVme Wellness + Aesthetics launched a collection of Vitamin Shot Bundles to help our customers find just the right treatment for their health and wellness goals.

Energy Boost

“I love IVme’s B12 shots! Since I started getting the shots every two to three weeks I’ve noticed my energy levels are way up, I sleep better, and overall I’m more focused. I especially notice a difference when I’m working out; I feel like I can run forever!”
– Amy R. (IVme Customer)

Bundle + Save

Buy a package of 5 Shots for the price of 4

Buy a package 12 Shots for the price of 9

Corporate Wellness

Book your next Corporate Wellness event with IVme. IV Hydration and Vitamin Shots are business leaders favorites for minimizing sick days and boosting productivity.

Please call your local center to check availability and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Intramuscular Shot?

Intramuscular shots, also called IM shots, are a safe and easy alternative to daily supplements to prevent and eliminate micronutrient deficiencies. Consistent doses of micronutrients and antioxidants through intramuscular shots help regulate energy levels, immune health, metabolism, mood, sleep and overall wellness. IM Shots take about 5 to 10 minutes. Appointments are recommended and walk-ins are welcomed.

The shot goes where?

Our medical staff administers over 13,000 IM shots annually following the same best practices and protocols practiced by top medical offices across the country. IVme recommends administering IM shots into the ventrogluteal muscle, but for those uncomfortable with exposing the hip in the private procedure room, you can opt for the deltoid muscle.

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