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4 Reasons to Say “I do” to IV Hydration on Your Wedding Day

The most memorable weddings are not the ones with the most extravagant budgets, they are the ones where the bride and groom are happy, smiling and having the time of their lives.  

This may sound simple, but when you consider the details and stresses that come with planning a wedding, it’s no wonder many brides and grooms reach their big day feeling rundown, exhausted, anxious and, sometimes, sick. An easy, but often overlooked solution to preventing exhaustion and illness is hydration. Unfortunately too few of us maintain healthy hydration levels during average day-to-day activities to sustain us during exceptionally busy and stressful times.

IV hydration offers a simple and safe way to quickly and easily restore and maintain your natural hydration levels. Plus hydration IVs can be customized with vitamins, minerals and supplements to deliver added benefits. Here are 4 reasons to say “I do” to IV hydration on your wedding day.


It’s no secret that proper hydration is essential to looking and feeling healthy.  What you may not know is that in 60 minutes or less IV hydration will restore your natural skin glow, improve the shine of your hair, and leave you looking radiant.


For various reasons, brides and grooms often experience heightened levels of anxiety and stress on their wedding day.  IV hydration with B-Complex reduces wedding day jitters and stress while improving concentration and feelings of calm.


Regardless of the wedding size and location, there are always last-minute details requiring attention.  Lack of sleep, poor nutrition and no exercise can leave the healthiest brides and grooms feeling rundown and worn out. IV hydration with vitamins B12 and C, plus magnesium offers an immediate boost of energy and immune strengtheners that will leave you feeling great for the big day and beyond.


Whether a weakened immune system has you battling cold and flu symptoms, or a few too many pre-wedding toasts leave you feeling less than yourself, there’s no time for sniffles, migraines or nausea. In less than an hour, IV hydration delivers the fluids, vitamins and minerals you need to feel better immediately. For more intense cases, Toradol can be added to the IV drip for pain and Zofran can be added to treat or prevent nausea.

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