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IV Hydration Therapy for Athletes

“Physical fitness is more than a passion for me; my livelihood depends on it. Feeling good and staying healthy isn’t enough. For me, it’s about peak physical performance day in and day out. IVme’s Athletic IV treatment has become a staple in my pre- and post-game regimen. Since starting regular IV treatments, I’ve seen my stats improve and injuries decrease. The few times I did incur an injury, IVme’s IV therapy helped speed my recovery; even my trainer was amazed. If physical fitness is a priority in your life, I highly recommend IVme Wellness + Aesthetics.  IV therapy gets to work immediately, replenishing your body’s level of electrolytes and quickly restoring vitamins and fluids lost during a workout.” IVme client since 2014


Athletes committed to optimal health and performance understand the benefits of proper hydration and diet. Professional and amateur athletes also know the importance of effective recovery plans for intense training and events. Unfortunately, the medical staff at IVme has witnessed too many times the pain and agony suffered by athletes who neglect their post-event and post-training recovery. Cellular damage, muscle soreness and fatigue, and a weakened immune system can keep you from returning to normal activities for many weeks, and sometimes longer.

“We were seeing too many of our patients missing out on important life events because of illnesses or injuries directly related to a poorly executed post-event recovery regimen. That was the impetus for launching IVme’s Athletic IV treatment five years ago”, said Dr. Jack Dybis, co-founder and medical director of IVme Wellness + Aesthetics. “Our Athletic IV drip has become one of our most popular treatments. The Athletic IV has a combination of vitamins and fluids that hydrate, reduce inflammation, increase muscle recovery and boost your immune system. The treatments comes with a Super B intramuscular shot which sustains the benefits of the IV while also improving your energy, mood and sleep. All of this helps you recover fully, faster.”


At IVme Wellness + Aesthetics we’re focused on treating people before they’re ill and keeping people operating at their best, which is why our patients love coming here. Being surrounded by people who are choosing to improve their health and wellness is what drives our team every day. When you come to IVme, you’ll meet with our staff to discuss the reason for your visit. Once we’ve determined your treatment, your IV is administered and you’re settled in to one of our beautiful patient rooms, equipped with TV, Wi-Fi and comfortable chaise lounge chairs or recliners. All of our IV hydration therapies are administered by experienced, board-certified physicians, registered nurses and licensed paramedics, are safe and are highly effective.


Nearly 75% of Americans don’t consume the daily amount of water recommended by the Institute of Medicine. This means that most people in the U.S. are chronically dehydrated. IV hydration therapy is an easy way to ensure you are getting enough fluids to keep you hydrated and operating at optimum health. Our therapy treatments intravenously deliver fluids, medications, vitamins and other nutritional supplements directly and safely into your bloodstream.

By delivering fluids and vitamins directly to your bloodstream, you’re able to almost immediately absorb 100% of these nutrients and take larger quantities of them. For example, with Vitamin C, you can only take 5 grams by mouth before stomach distress. But, through an IV, we can administer more than 10x this amount of vitamin C for certain medical conditions.

Whether you’re training, designing your recovery plan, or recovering from an injury, we can help integrate IV hydration to optimize your efforts. We look forward to helping you achieve your athletic goals.

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