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I’m Dr. Jack Dybis, founder of IVme Wellness + Performance. Born in Chicago and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Dayton in Ohio and returned to the Windy City to attend medical school at Midwestern University. I then completed my surgical residency which eventually led to a position as a General and Trauma Surgeon at Evanston Hospital.

The idea for IVme started when a friend and fellow Dayton alum sent me an email about a soon-to-open service called “Hangover Heaven” in Las Vegas; the idea was to cure hangovers with the help of IV hydration. Alleviating mild symptoms of dehydration was often seen in the ER, so applying it to hangovers wasn’t a far stretch. I already knew how important hydration is in preventing infection and maintaining overall health. As a child, I often saw my grandmother admitted to the hospital for dehydration and its complications. And during my residency I saw patient after patient endure hours in the ER waiting room to receive an IV to relieve dehydration symptoms from food poisoning, heat exhaustion, morning sickness, and cold and flu. I thought there had to be a better way to help people achieve proper hydration and recover from mild forms of dehydration. I was inspired to provide people a more comfortable and easily accessible way to improve their health.

After I did my research, I put a business plan together and recruited a great ER nurse, Gina Catalbiano Werner. IVme (formerly Revive) opened in December of 2012. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Scott Yilk, an excellent ER doctor, also joined the team. Our team of three quickly found that general IV hydration was effective in keeping people healthy, but also had special applications, such as getting athletes energized and back at the top of their game, preventing sickness like cold and flu, and improving people’s complexions, which eventually led to our beauty and aesthetics line of services.

As we expanded to two offices, grew our staff to over 30, and increased our number of patients, we started getting requests for other treatments to consider. At IVme, we take the wants and needs of our patients seriously and do our due diligence to provide the services they want, as long as the science behind it is solid and it contributes to our mission of helping patients live a healthier life. When we decide to add a treatment to our list of services, we complete an exhaustive educational and training regimen plus testing before making it available to our customers.

I believe in our mission and offerings so much that I also receive services at IVme. I get B12, glutathione and Coenzyme Q10 shots every two weeks. I also get our Cold + Flu IV this time of year when I feel like I am getting sick.

I am proud of what IVme Wellness + Performance has become and am passionate about helping people take a more active role in their health. To our many clients, thank you for your continued support over the years; we wouldn’t be where we are without you. To those we haven’t met yet, I hope we’ll have the opportunity soon to assist you with your health and wellness goals.

Facts about me:

Hobbies: Golfing, reading, and spending time outside

Favorite Chicago Restaurant: Momotaro and Tortoise Club

Fun fact: I worked at Murphy’s Bleachers and was a dog walker while attending medical school.

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