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“I’m excited to introduce you to Delos Therapy. The innovative approach to pain management that Eric Owens and his team at Delos Therapy offer is a game changer. If pain holds you back from living your best life, I encourage you to check out Delos Therapy. Their complimentary 20-minute consultation and treatment introduction is a great way to learn more. There are more details below if you’re interested.”- Dr. Jack Dybis

The gift to heal

Eric Owens is giving new life to people across Chicagoland who have long suffered from chronic muscle pain. There’s a very long list of patients who will tell you about the life-changing impact Eric and his team have made with Delos Therapy.

Eric gives credit to his dad, Kenny Owens, who first developed the therapy in the 1980’s. Surprisingly (or not), Eric’s dad isn’t a medical expert, but a former table tennis athlete and engineer. For many years he experienced debilitating shoulder pain, and, despite countless doctor visits, physical therapy, and chiropractic appointments, he found no effective solution. Out of desperation for relief, he turned his body into an engineering project and found a cure. A cure that worked for him, then for his friends and family, and, eventually, for some of the greatest athletes in the world including Evander Holyfield, Carl Lewis and Warren Moon.

After Eric completed his master’s degree in biomedical science and further training in medical school, he founded Delos Therapy to continue his father’s work. Eric’s partnership with long-time friend and fellow table-tennis pro, Mimi Bosika, has proved invaluable to growing the business and expanding its reach across Chicagoland. As former elite athletes, Eric and Mimi infuse “quality, discipline, hard work and commitment in all aspects of their work” and “are committed to elevating the client experience to a service level that is uncommon in the medical industry”.

What is Delos Therapy?

Delos Therapy takes a different approach than stretching, massage, and chiropractic therapy. It is a precise, innovative therapy for chronic pain, muscle stiffness and athletic injuries where pressure is applied to the entire length of the muscle. It is based on the science of three-dimensional micro-stretching of the muscular fibers that are causing symptoms of pain and stiffness. Results include the elimination of tightness, restored muscle health for optimal athletic performance and real pain relief.

The benefit of Delos Therapy? Having pliable muscle tissue which allows for:

·      Increased range of motion

·      Better skeletal alignment

·      Maximized muscle recruitment

·      Enhanced muscle activation

·      Improved overall health

(Source: Delos Therapy)

Is Delos Therapy for me?

Eric thinks so, but he also believes you are the best person to answer that question which is why the team offers a complimentary 20-minute consultation and treatment introduction.  I’d also encourage you to check out some client testimonials on Delos Therapy’s website.

If you’re like Dr. Jack, you’ll walk away feeling better and scheduled for a series of follow up treatments.  Depending on how many areas of pain are being treated, each session will last either 25 or 50 minutes. Eric recommends starting with three sessions a week for four weeks, then moving to once a month.

The connection between muscle pliability and IV hydration

So what does Delos Therapy have to do with IVme? Eric and Jack share an appreciation for the quote, “The importance of hydration is not about the water you drink, but rather the water you absorb.” Hard, inflexible muscles are incapable of absorbing water and have a lack of blood flow. The forced separation of muscle fibers through Delos Therapy increases blood flow to muscles and increases the absorption of water and nutrients essential to optimal body performance. For serious athletes striving for optimal performance, the combination of Delos Therapy treatments with IV hydration could prove to be a game changer.

If you’re interested in a complimentary 20-minute consultation and treatment introduction, call Delos Therapy today at 312-600-7716. To learn more, visit their website here.

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