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CrossTown Fitness is a high-intensity studio that hosts 200+ group classes a week. Our signature Total Body workout is a 50-minute session of HARD WORK. During Total Body you are working alongside people who want the same thing as you: to push your limits, and leave feeling accomplished. You’ll get some heavy lifting with kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells, some conditioning on the treadmill, assault bike, and rower, and everything else in between with pull-up bars, medicine balls, and hurdles.

While these classes are a blast to take, they do come with a price on your body. After doing any workout, your muscles, tissues, and cells take a beating. This is a normal consequence of exercise, and something that has to happen in order for your body to adapt to the stress you are putting on it. It is up to you, and how you choose to recover, that will keep you coming back for more and feeling stronger along the way! There are many steps you can take to optimize your recovery from exercise, and IV hydration is one of them. IVme’s IV hydration therapy not only improves recovery, but it improves it FAST. By delivering fluids and vitamins directly to your bloodstream, you’re able to absorb 100% of these nutrients and feel better almost immediately. You’ll feel the benefits of the IV for 1 to 2 days, but it can also reboot your system which means your immune system is stronger and will prevent illnesses that could keep you down for weeks. IVme provides personalized IV hydration therapy to help ensure your body is getting the hydration, vitamins and nutrients it needs to look, feel and perform your best. If you are someone who is committed to fitness and exercise, make sure you are also committed to your recovery time. Your body will thank you in the long run. 

Come break a sweat with us at CTF and enjoy a FREE 2 for 1 Day Pass with promo code: IVME throughout July 2019! Redeem promotion here.

You can follow CrotssTown Fitness on Instagram at @ctfchicago and on Facebook at @CrossTownFitness.

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