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IVme Gives Back at the Row4Kids Event

It was a grueling 25-hour boat ride across Lake Michigan. 

For the team rowing 65 miles through day and night, it was all worth it to raise money and awareness for underfunded childhood cancers. 

IVme’s own Dr. Jack Dybis aided the crew by providing IVs and nutrition and B12 shots, and then following as part of the support team across Lake Michigan as the Row4Kids charity event unfolded this fall. 

Row4Kids consisted of retired Chicago Bears football player Charles Tillman and business executive and philanthropist Jacob Beckley. The duo rowed under their own power from Michigan to Chicago, teaming up for donations to fight childhood illnesses and lend support to affected families. Dr. Jack followed them closely and administered IVs at the finish to the severely dehydrated and depleted rowers. 

“You are blown away how hard it is to row and row and row for 25 hours,” Dr. Jack said. “A lot of people can’t stay awake for that long let alone row across a lake. It’s amazing the physical demands that they went through to help these kids. Now every time I drive by Lake Michigan I look at it a different way.”

Leading up to the event, Dr. Jack helped the team’s training regimen by administering B12 shots and IVs. It was an easy decision for him to get involved and give back to the cause, which combined personal health and charitable giving. That’s a combination Dr. Jack is passionate about. 

“If you are lucky enough to be healthy, don’t take that for granted,” Dr. Jack said. “Take it for the blessing that it is and use it to help others. It could be volunteering at a soup kitchen, tutoring after school, or anything else related to your talents.”

Helping children has become a passion for everyone involved in the event, including Tillman, who started a foundation after his infant daughter needed a heart transplant. Seeing how this event affected families who joined the crew had a deep effect on Dr. Jack. 

“It was inspirational thinking about what the guys were doing, and powerful seeing the emotions of the affected kids, friends and families.  It was emotional witnessing the love, strength, and kindness of people pulling together to help a very worthy cause,” he said. “There were a variety of emotions.” 

The biggest impact it had on him was reinforcing the need to give back and care for others who need it. He urges others to follow this example. 

“Everyone,” he said, “can do something to help out.” 

If you would like to learn more about Row4Kids or donate, please click here. To learn more about The Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation please visit this link and to learn more about  The Beckley Foundation please click here.

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