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It’s flu season. If you’re like most of us, you’re either dodging it or recovering from it.  The flu doesn’t just leave you feeling miserable, it also wreaks havoc on your already-packed schedule. Depleted energy, sick days, doctor appointments and low productivity add to the misery and frustration. People serious about staying strong and healthy during flu season are taking matters into their own hands with IV hydration.

Tips for Preventing the flu

Getting the flu is rough. Symptoms can have you down for one to two weeks. If you’re like most of us who don’t have time to Netflix-it-out and recover on the couch, there are some things you can do to help reduce your odds of getting the flu. 

In an interview with Stacy Baca and Diane Pathieu on ABC 7 News, Dr. Jack Dybis, IVme founder and Medical Director shared:

  1. The first line of defense against getting the flu is to get a flu shot (No, it’s not too late for that.) 
  2. Wash your hands. Really well.  The flu virus can stay on surfaces for up to 6 hours. Think of all of the door handles we share regularly with hundreds of others: offices, restrooms, restaurants, trains, Ubers, Lyfts,… the list is endless.
  3. Sleep, exercise, eat well and hydrate. All of these are essential to keeping your immune system strong and your body ready to fend off the flu virus before it takes hold.
  4. The “secret sauce” is IV hydration. During flu season, Dr. Jack and many IVme patients get the Sinusitis IV every few weeks.

How does IV Hydration therapy help prevent the flu?

IV treatments intravenously deliver fluids, medications, vitamins and other nutritional supplements directly and safely into your bloodstream. By delivering fluids and vitamins directly to your bloodstream, you’re able to absorb almost 100% of these nutrients and kickstart your immune system almost immediately.

The Super Immune IV (formerly called the Sinusitis IV) includes Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium, Calcium Gluconate, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Zinc Sulfate, and Vitamin B12.   This combination of ingredients is essential for a healthy immune system. The antioxidant, Vitamin C, plus B vitamins power-up metabolic processes and energy production. The co-factors, zinc and magnesium, are “helpers” for critical steps in energy production. If your body doesn’t have enough of these co-factors and antioxidants for cells to produce energy, your immune system stops functioning, leaving you susceptible to the flu.

Don’t worry, when you come in you won’t get tested on these technical details, but we do want you to remember that our staff is the best there is when it comes to administering IVs. In addition to caring hearts and medical expertise, our nurses and medics follow procedures and protocols practiced in top hospitals and have the gentlest hands when it comes to needles. IVme’s team administers an average of 10,000 IVs and 13,000 vitamin shots each year. 

Will IV hydration help if I’m already sick…

Sometimes getting sick is unavoidable. If you do get sick, what you need more than anything is to rest and stay hydrated. IVme’s Cold + Flu IV won’t cure your illness but it can help decrease the severity and duration of the illness. It’s especially helpful if you have an important event or travels.  Medications can be added to help eliminate nausea, migraines and muscle pain. Because getting two treatments within 48 hours has shown beneficial, IVme offers 50% off the second IV. 

If you’re serious about staying strong and healthy this flu season, stop in or call one of our centers. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you get started with IV hydration therapy for preventing the flu.

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