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It’s Time for Your Flu Shot!

Written by Robin Scharpf, Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Summer has come to a close, and we hate to say it, but that means winter — and cold and flu season — is right around the corner. While you’re packing away your sandals and swimsuits, don’t forget to take the right measures to keep yourself healthy and lower the likelihood of getting sick. IVme Wellness + Performance should be one stop on your way to staying healthy this cold and flu season.

Preventing Illness

Even if you are a person who doesn’t get sick often, the flu remains a threat. Germs spread easily and rapidly. Just passing a stranger on the street can cause a contraction of the virus.

The first line of defense against getting the flu is to get a flu shot. Flu vaccines release antibodies into the body that protect against infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend getting the shot in October, before the flu starts spreading in your area. Along with our suite of hydration and aesthetic treatments, IVme also offers patients flu shots starting in the fall. We value our patients’ health and want to help them be their best in every way.

Staying hydrated during the cold winter months is also beneficial for flu prevention. The air is much drier, and people get dehydrated more easily. In addition to the basic precautions — washing your hands regularly, disinfecting your home, and avoiding others who are sick — monthly IVs, such as our Sinusitis IV, are packed with vitamins to strengthen the immune system and defend against viruses such as the flu.

If you manage or own a business, you know that flu season can wreak havoc on productivity. The number of sick days is declining for several area businesses who host employee wellness days featuring services from IVme. We bring our mobile therapy to your office to administer various preventative and recovery treatments. September and October are popular for both flu and B12 shots, while November through February is a popular time for B12 shots and the Super Immune IV Hydration drip. Not only will these treatments help your employees stay healthy, but they will also make those employees feel valued in their workplace.

So You Got Sick Anyway…

Sometimes getting sick is unavoidable. When you start to notice symptoms, don’t ignore them; if you don’t take care of yourself, the condition will only worsen.  What you need more than anything is to rest and stay hydrated. Unfortunately few of us have the time for proper self care when the cold or flu hits. When you need to feel better faster for professional or personal responsibilities, IVme’s Cold + Flu IV can decrease the severity and duration of the illness. In about 45 minutes, IV hydration therapy provides you with one to two liters of electrolyte-containing fluids plus much needed vitamins and nutrients to get you feeling yourself again.  Medications can also be added to help eliminate nausea, migraines and muscle pain. If you treat the cold and flu within the first day of its onset, one hydration treatment is typically sufficient. If you’re further along in the cold and flu cycle before getting an IV, we recommend getting two treatments within 48 hours of each other; for these instances IVme offers 50% off the second IV.

Don’t let flu season drag you down. With a little self-care and help from the IVme staff, you can fight it and get back to doing what you love in no time. Feel free to call our centers for more information and check out our website to learn more about  IVme’s treatments that will keep you at your best this cold and flu season.

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