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Is IV Hydration a Hangover Cure?

The Hangover IV from IVme helps you feel better now. This powerful combination of hydrating fluids, electrolytes, B Complex, essential vitamins and optional medications delivered intravenously means your body is getting what it needs to feel better almost immediately. This treatment also includes oxygen therapy to optimize your hangover recovery.

By eliminating fatigue, nausea, migraines and muscle pain with the Hangover IV from IVme you can reclaim your day and return to day-to-day activities and plans.

Who Gets the Hangover IV from IVme?

Except for marathon weekends, the Hangover IV is one of our most popular weekend treatments. Neighborhood residents and travelers seek out the Hangover IV when they don’t want to miss out on special plans, lack the time to sleep it off, or the pain is just too great.

The IVme Party Room, which is available at all IVme centers, has become popular with Bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and wedding parties looking to rehydrate and restore electrolytes together.

Needles Don’t Have to Be Scary

Established in 2012, IVme was the first IV hydration center in the midwest and the third in the country. We take our leadership role seriously and are committed to providing you a relaxing experience in our state-of-the-art wellness centers located in Chicago, Milwaukee and Naperville. 

When it comes to needles, our team excels with technique and a gentle touch!  Our medical staff administers over 10,000 IVs annually and applies the highest standards of procedures, protocols, and customer service.


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