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Skin Care Awareness Month at IVme

Author: Keri Gardiner, Licensed Aesthetician, IVme Wellness + Aesthetics

September is skin care awareness month. It is the perfect time to bring awareness to the fundamentals of skin health as well as the perfect time to switch from summer to winter products. Just like the seasons, skin care needs change with the weather. Complimentary skin care consultations are available at IVme Naperville and IVme Milwaukee and our experienced aestheticians will help to determine the best options available for your skin. Contact your local center today to schedule your skin care consultation.

Importance of Proper Skin Care

Author: Keri Gardiner, Licensed Aesthetician, IVme Wellness + Aesthetics

The skin is the largest organ of the body.  It’s main function is for barrier protection from the outside world, but also helps to regulate body temperature, retain fluid, eliminate waste and protect against disease.  Due to all of that, taking proper care of your skin is vital to your overall health. Sun exposure, pollution, smoking, alcohol and poor diet can all play a role in the over all health of the skin.  Using proper antioxidant and sun protection will help protect the skin from the outside.  Prevention, protection and correction are essential to skin health.

Prevention– prevention is key- we’ve all heard that, right?  Well, that couldn’t be more true when it comes to skin care.  Preventing damage is the easiest way to keep your skin healthy.  Each skin care regime should include a stable antioxidant.  This will protect from not only the harmful UV rays, but also smoke, smog pollution and even blue light from smart devices. 

Protection– SPF is one of the most important parts of any skin care routine. A broad spectrum SPF protects against both the UVA(deeper penetrating rays that cause cells to age prematurely) & UVB(more energy resulting in burning and skin cancer).  UV rays damage the DNA in the cells.  Wearing a broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher every day is imperative for good skin health.  This applies to rainy & cloudy days, cold and dreary days and even days you don’t leave the house.  UV rays are strong and can penetrate glass.

Correction – Correcting past damage on the skin is important for overall skin health and radiance.  Monthly facials, derma planing and/or diamond glow treatments will increase your skin cell turnover to the proper rate.  While these treatments are necessary to bring the healthy skin cells to the surface, depending on the level of damage, deeper & more aggressive treatments may be necessary.  Implementing deep chemical peels, micro needling and prescription strength products will give more dramatic results in the correction of damage on and in the skin.

Where to Start with Skin Care

Knowing where to start in your journey to healthy skin can be overwhelming.  Choosing an aesthetic provider with knowledge and experience is the first step.  Our aestheticians have over 40 years combined knowledge in the skin care industry.  They will be able to assess your skin and current routine and give the best suggestions for your skin, lifestyle and budget. It’s never too late(or early) to get on the right track to healthy skin.

Contact your local IVme center today to schedule your complimentary skin consultation.

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