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 ‘Tis the Season…for lack of sleep, exercise and nutrition

The holidays can bring a heightened level of chaos and stress leading to increased risk of illness and fatigue. If you’re falling behind on sleep, exercise and nutrition and you want to avoid the holiday breakdown, IVme is here to take care of you.

In the spirit of a healthy holiday season, we asked our team to share their favorite IVme services for staying healthy and strong all season long.

Gina, IVme Clinical Director and Nurse Injector

I love Christmas! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. I love the parties, the decorations, time with my family and helping Santa with my 5-year-old’s wish list. In December, I stick to my monthly vitamin shot routine – Glutathione, Tri-Immune and B12 shots.

Heather, IVme Milwaukee Co-Founder and Nurse Injector

Running a business, caring for my clients and raising two children under 3 is a lot! I’m pretty good about eating healthy, but I struggle with getting enough sleep. When I’m over-tired going into the holiday season, my favorite self care treatment is a DiamondGlow facial with a Beauty Plus IV; I get the two treatments at the same time, either the day before or the day of a party. The DiamondGlow gives me a fresh glow and reduces tired lines and the IV provides an extra boost to my energy and skin brightness.

Dr. Scott, IVme Medical Director

Gift Cards! I like giving my friends and family something healthy that I know they love. Plus, it keeps shopping simple which frees me up for more good times during the holidays!

Dr. Jack, IVme Founder and Chief Medical Officer

I spend every other weekend on Trauma/Acute Care Surgery for 96 hours straight. Holidays in the hospital are exceptionally busy which means I get very little time to eat and sleep. I don’t have time to be sick and I need to be healthy when I visit my family and friends, so keeping my immune system strong is my number one priority. In December, I make time for my monthly NAD+ IV to promote energy, cellular function and mental clarity. I also maintain my monthly vitamin shot schedule of CoQ10, Glutathione, and B12.

Robin, Director of Marketing

I’m no Martha Stewart so when I became a mom, December became a month of cramming in gift shopping, present wrapping, house decorating, cookie baking, classroom parties and work events. While trying to create the “Perfect Christmas” for my family, I neglected my health and always wound up sick on Christmas Day. Five years ago I started treating myself to the Super Immune IV the week before Christmas. Not only do I sail through the holidays without getting sick, I also have the energy to fully enjoy the season with my husband and kids.

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