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We have  packaged two of our highest-rated aesthetics treatments: the Beauty Plus IV and the DiamondGlow Facial to help you elevate your skin care.

“This package takes skin care to a whole new level,” says Jack Dybis, D.O. and IVme Founder. “You’re nourishing yourself from the inside AND out. The fluids and antioxidants in the Beauty Plus IV bring your skin cells back to life on the inside, while the DiamondGlow facial uses exfoliation and extraction to deeply cleanse your skin on the outside. We finish the facial with nourishing ProInfusion™ serums that instantly leave your skin dewy and bright.”

The Beauty Plus IV features biotin, vitamin C and a high dose of glutathione, as well as zinc and B vitamins for an added immune boost and healthy glow. This treatment ends with a CoQ10 intramuscular shot to help promote cellular regeneration from the inside out.

The DiamondGlow facial uses a patented recessed wand to simultaneously incorporate exfoliation (uncovering renewed skin), extraction (deeply cleansing and removing debris from the pores) and infusion (treating the skin with 5 different nourishing ProInfusion™ serums). With six diamond tips to choose from, this treatment is customized per area and skin type.

“If you think of watering plants, you don’t just put water on the leaves,” says Dybis. “You may mist the leaves but you water the soil so it gets down into the roots. When you pair our Beauty Plus IV with the DiamondGlow facial, you’re nourishing your roots, your skin cells—and that is what’s going to keep you hydrated and feeling good for the long run.”

Treatment Details

Beginning in 2023, get ~15% off when you book the Beauty Plus IV and DiamondGlow facial together. These two treatments can be scheduled back to back or together.

When done back to back, it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes for both treatments. Done together, where the IV is administered first and drips during the DiamondGlow facial, the treatment takes about 1 hour.

Whether you want that dewy glow for a special night out, to rehydrate during the harsh winter months or simply some much-needed self care, we’ve got you covered. Book your appointment at a local IVme clinic today!

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