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Athletic IV

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About the Athletic IV

IVme’s Athletic IV gets to work immediately to aid with rehydration, cellular repair, fatigue, muscle inflammation and soreness. IV Hydration provides the fastest way to rehydrate and restore your body’s baseline of vitamins and nutrients for a healthy workout recovery.

This combination of electrolytes, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and Glutathione helps combat fatigue, muscle inflammation and soreness. A Super B intramuscular shot is included at the end of the treatment to promote proper energy levels and restful sleep between workouts.

Because we’re focused on treating people before they’re ill and keeping people feeling, looking and performing their best, our patients love coming to IVme. And we love being surrounded by people who are active participants in their health.

Frequently Asked Questions

IV, or intravenous hydration therapy is a medical treatment that delivers fluids directly into a vein by way of a soft plastic catheter (which quickly replaces the initial needle), tube, and bag of fluids. It’s the fastest way to deliver fluid replacement throughout the body. Chances are pretty high that you have either experienced an IV or know someone who has, and witnessed how quickly IVs help a person bounce back and feel great. That’s the benefit of IV hydration therapy: it is the fastest way to restore your body’s fluid levels and get you feeling back to yourself.
Intravenous therapy has been practiced by physicians for over a hundred years with it becoming widely acceptable and used in hospitals in the mid 1900’s. Considering that about 80% of hospitalized patients receive IV Therapy, chances are high that you or someone you know has experienced firsthand the rapid relief and recovery benefits of IV therapy. While IV hydration is a widely practiced and minimally invasive procedure, it still requires the knowledge of experienced experts who a) are medically trained, experienced and credentialed, b) know how to assess a patient’s vitals and health history to make sure an IV is the right form of treatment, and c) follow the best procedures and protocols for administering IVs safely and comfortably. IVme has been administering IV Hydration Therapy since 2012, was the first hydration center in the midwest and the third in the country, and has been used as the role model for other IV centers opening across the country.

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