Dr. Jack on Vitamin D

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Dr. Jack on Vitamin D

(For a live version see Dr. Jack’s post on LinkedIn; October 2020)

Hi it’s Dr. Jack here. Today I want to talk a little bit about our October treatment of the month (#TOTM) – Vitamin D.

Here in the midwest we tend to associate Vitamin D with mood elevation, especially in the wintertime, which is why so many people use sun lamps. We also know about the benefits of Vitamin D for the skeletal system.

My aim is to help educate people about the very important role that Vitamin D plays in helping our immune system. Especially now with flu season and COVID-19, we need to do everything we can to strengthen our immune system.

I’ve closely been following the role Vitamin D plays in COVID. There’s more and more research that shows that healthy Vitamin D levels 1) decrease the risk of getting COVID-19, 2) helps decrease the severity of symptoms if you do contract COVID,  and 3) improves the rate at which you recover.

To learn more about IVme’s Vitamin D treatment, click here. Thanks for taking the team to learn about Vitamin D. 

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