IVme Celebrates Mother’s Day

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IVme Celebrates Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, treat the special people in your life with a gift certificate to IVme. A gift certificate to IVme is perfect for moms, sisters, grandmas, friends, aunts, teachers, neighbors and YOU! Some of our favorite treatments to consider for Mother’s Day include: 

Super Immune IV

One of IVme’s most popular treatments, this IV features a generous dose of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium. B vitamins (including B-12) and Calcium are also included to give your immune system all the help it can get. Return within 48 hours of your Super Immune to receive 50% off of a follow-up Super Immune. More about the Super Immune IV.

Wellness IV

Similar to our Beauty IV, this drip features Biotin, Vitamin C, and a high dose of Glutathione, with an added dose of Zinc and B Vitamins for an added immune boost and healthy glow. Your treatment will end with a CoQ10 intramuscular shot to help promote cellular regeneration from the inside out.


Ready for the next level non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment? Diamond Glow is the best option for EVERY skin type. With this customizable treatment your skin will be simultaneously exfoliated, extracted and infused with the pro-infusion serum best suited for your skin. Great for youthful to mature, dry to oily, damaged to acne prone skin.Enjoy a facial like experience with clinical grade results.

Tri-Immune Shot

This triple-defense immunity formula consists of potent antioxidants and an essential mineral known to help decrease inflammation, optimize cell function and increase immune response. Features: Glutathione, Vitamin C and Zinc.