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IVme Vitamin D Supplements


Importance of Vitamin D

We obtain about 90% of our Vitamin D from the sun and 10% from our diet. This important nutrient is necessary for developing and maintaining healthy bones. Research also links Vitamin D deficiencies to lack of energy, depression, mood swings, and some chronic diseases. And more recently, Vitamin D deficiencies have been associated with an increased susceptibility to infection and increased risk of COVID-19.

[Book an appointment or walk in to request a lab draw to determine Vitamin D levels and complete patient registration. Lab results take one to two days. If you have had labs drawn within the last 90 days you can skip Step 1. Normal range for Vitamin D levels is between 30-100 ng/mL, with optimal levels being 50-60 ng/mL.

If your lab results indicate a Vitamin D deficiency does exist, appropriate dosing levels will be advised along with treatment pricing. A 20% discount is available when Vitamin D shots are purchased in packages of three.

Visit IVme for your personalized Vitamin D IM shot three months in a row. Your medical history will be reviewed and updated accordingly at each appointment. Be sure to report if you have any medical conditions or are currently taking medications or Vitamin D supplements.

Repeat labs four months from your first found of Vitamin D IM shots. If a deficiency still exists, Vitamin D IM shots would continue monthly at the appropriate dosing levels.

Vitamin D Shots at IVme

Too often the day-to-day sun exposure and diet of many Americans fall short of supplying the necessary levels of Vitamin D to achieve optimal health. If you are serious about bone health, your immune system and regulating your mood and sleep, you might find Vitamin D3 Intramuscular (IM) shots from IVme help you feel your best every day.

At IVme, we give intramuscular shots as a safe and easy option to prevent and eliminate deficiencies. Our medical staff administers over 13,000 IM shots a year following the same best practices and protocols practiced by top medical offices across the country. Our staff excels when it comes to helping you determine the best shot for you and then administering the treatment with a gentle touch.

IVme recommends administering IM shots into the ventrogluteal muscle, but for those uncomfortable with exposing their hip in the private procedure room, you can opt for the deltoid muscle. IM Shots take about 5 to 10 minutes.


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