NAD IV Customer Story

IV Therapy, NAD+

“Supplementing with NAD+ has been life changing. I’m forty-three and the strongest I’ve been since my twenties. I’m more focused, more energized and my mood is better. Plus I’ve noticed a decrease in joint and back pain. I’m running and road cycling again. I’m living again, and it’s great!” Adeel Afridi


Author: Adeel Afridi, NAD+ IV patient at IVme Naperville

I’m not one to rave about much. You won’t find me blowing up the social channels or posting online reviews. I’m making an exception because NAD+ has changed my life and I think it could help others.

Why did I try NAD+ IV?

I am forty-three years old. In my twenties and early thirties I was active. Some might say very active. In addition to a physically demanding job in law enforcement, I also enjoyed boxing, running, and road cycling, but that all changed in my late thirties. I was experiencing constant joint pain and cardio fatigue, my activity level fell significantly and I gained 60 pounds. I had my labs drawn and found that I was pre-diabetic with high cholesterol. It was time for a change. 

My wife, a doctor who specializes in family medicine and integrative health with a passion for anti-aging, has been instrumental to my health recovery. She had me start with an anti-inflammatory diet which led to a primarily plant-based diet. I also started taking oral peptide supplements. My weight was going down and I felt better, but I wasn’t where I thought I could be with my health.

I first heard about NAD+ supplementation during a Joe Rogan interview with David Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and author of “Lifespan”, a book about processes underpinning aging.  NAD, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a cofactor central to metabolism that is found in all living cells and has shown to offer significant anti-aging benefits. I was intrigued and curious, but I didn’t give it any more attention until my wife encouraged me to start oral NAD supplements.

I had been taking oral NAD supplements for a few months before I learned about NAD+ IV supplementation. Through my wife’s professional endeavors and interests, she had heard about IVme Wellness + Aesthetics and was interested in their High Dose Vitamin C IVs. When IVme opened its Naperville center, we both scheduled High Dose Vitamin C treatments, met Scott Yilk, M.D. and Medical Director, spoke at length with Dr. Scott about NAD+ IV supplementation, completed a consultation, and started our NAD+ IV therapy a week later. I immediately felt a significant improvement in my overall physical and mental health.

What benefits do I experience  from NAD+ IV? 

I feel the benefits of the NAD+ IV within a few hours of my treatment. I notice I’m in a better mood with more energy and more focus. For those curious runners reading this, it’s a different kind of energy or focus than you get from running and working out. The increased energy and focus I experience after NAD+ IV treatments last longer and my mind is sharper. I feel like I have access to more of my cognitive abilities, like all cylinders are firing.

Since the first week of NAD+ IV treatments, I’ve maintained a monthly maintenance plan of the lower dose, Anti-aging NAD+. I still take NAD supplements orally, which I believe helps maintain my levels, but it’s the NAD+ IV which gives me a noticeable boost.

Why choose IVme for IV NAD+ supplementation?

I choose IVme for IV NAD+ supplementation because I appreciate that Dr. Scott and his team are willing to collaborate with my wife and me on our health goals. 

Also, I hate needles. Just ask my wife!  She’ll tell you I pass out just at the sight of one. During my first IV treatment, I explained all of this. The IV Starter listened, asked questions and then situated me in a reclining chair and incorporated ice packs and numbing spray. The IVme team is really, really gentle when it comes to needles. Plus, in my opinion, IV NAD+ is SO GOOD that it’s worth it. 

Lastly, it’s important to me that a medical center is clean and professional. IVme Naperville is both. Plus, the team takes great care of me; everyone is very nice and polite. Even with my fear of needles I am able to relax and enjoy the experience. I especially like the private patient rooms. Because NAD+ IVs can take from an hour to several hours, it’s nice to have my own space to relax and enjoy time with my wife.

How do I feel today?  

Supplementing with NAD+ has been life changing. I’m forty-three and the strongest I’ve been since my twenties. I’m more focused. I’m more energized. My mood is better. I’ve also noticed a decrease in joint and back pain. I’m running and road cycling again. I’m living again, and it’s great!