Are you ready to turn back time?

NAD+ IV Therapy

IVme Migraine IV

Are you ready to turn back time?

IVme Migraine IV

NAD+ IV Therapy

What is NAD+?

Almost all cells in the human body naturally contain nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which fuels metabolizing carbohydrates, fats and amino acids. NAD+ helps turn nutrients into energy through metabolism by fueling the production of ATP, which your cells use to create energy. Proper levels of NAD+ can also ensure protection from oxidative damage which can prevent your cells from functioning normally. With bountiful amounts of NAD+, your cells are able to activate enzymes to prevent and correct DNA damage.

Unfortunately, you don’t have an endless supply of NAD+. Age, alcohol, diet, stress, medications, chronic illness and drugs all contribute to declining NAD+ levels. Supplementing with NAD+ IV Therapy is the most efficient method for increasing NAD+.  Our customers call it a game changer. Our staff calls it the fountain of youth.

Suggested Use


Chronic fatigue

Chronic pain


Cognitive declines

What are the benefits of NAD+ infusions?

Anti-Aging NAD+

Patients and research show that there are a host of anti-aging benefits that come from NAD+ IV therapy, including:

+ increase energy

+ decrease inflammation

+ increase endurance

+ decrease pain

NeuroRestore NAD+

Maximizing brain power is a major benefit of NAD+. By increasing the function of neurons and protecting cells from oxidative damage and degeneration, supplementation has been shown to:

+ increase concentration

+ improve memory

+ increase mental clarity

+ improve sleep

Migraine IV Customer Review

Customer Testimonial

“Hi, Dr. Scott, Just did my third NAD+ IV treatment today. OMG I feel 20 years younger! You and Dr. Jack are the best! I’ve been coming to IVme for about five years and have no plans on stopping! Thank you both!”

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Blog: Becoming Superhuman!

“I recently sent one of my patients with Alzheimer’s for an NAD infusion. He gained 3 full points on his memory test (MOCA) after 1 infusion!!!” Click here to read the blog, Becoming Superhuman

About Your NAD+ IV Therapy Experience at IVme

1. Your first step is to call your local IVme center to schedule a physician consultation.

2. Education is essential to treatment success. Your NAD+ IV Therapy begins with an initial physician consultation  to review your medical history, health goals, the NAD+ IV treatment process and any questions you have.

3. Your NAD+ Infusion Therapy consists of three to four NAD+ IV treatments within the first week followed by one NAD+ IV treatment approximately every three to four weeks.

4. At each appointment, after your IV is started, you will be led to a private and quiet room to relax while your body takes in the supplements. Each treatment lasts about 2 to 3 hours and is closely monitored by our medical staff. 

5. With your first and fourth IV treatment, a Myers’ Push is added to the treatment to provide an immediate boost to energy and health. 

6. When your NAD+ IV is complete, our medical staff will gently remove the IV and apply a sterile gauze pad and coban.  

7. On your way out, please stop at the front desk to check out; IVme accepts cash and credit.

8. Your opinion matters to us and we would greatly appreciate a Google Review .  Tipping is also an option (but not expected) for patients who found their experience exceptional.