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VI Peel

VI Peel IVme

What is a VI Peel?

As we age, our cell turnover process slows. This creates a build up of dead skin cells that create a dull textured appearance to the skin. A chemical peel is a technique of applying acids to the skin to improve and smooth the texture of skin, lighten hyper pigmentation and assist with clearing acne. Chemical peels are intended to remove the outermost layers of the skin. This process induces a controlled injury to the skin resulting in a shed of the dead skin cells.

The VI Peel is a blended medium depth chemical peel. This peel targets the outer and middle layers of the skin with a proprietary blend of the top acids available. This combination of acids allows for the treatment of multiple skin imperfections at once.

Suggested Use




Sun Damage


Post Acne Marks

IVme Offers Two VI Peel Options 

Your skin care provider will choose the best peel for your skin to assist you in achieving the best possible results. Each peel includes a post peel kit for use at home following your VI Peel. The kits include cleanser, SPF, post peel protectant, as well as post peel towelettes to enhance the results of your peel. Each kit is designed to accompany the peel chosen for you by your professional.

Precision Plus

This peel is designed to target excess hyper-pigmentation on the skin, while smoothing the texture and restoring luminosity. This includes hormonal melasma, UV induced sundmage, and post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

Purify Precision Plus

This peel is designed to dissolve excess oil, reduce the appearance of post acne marks while also assisting in clearing active acne. While clearing acne this peel will boost self confidence while brightening and smoothing the skin.

IVme VI Peel

Blog: VI Peel Skin Care Benefits

Over the years there have been many chemical peels introduced to the medical skin care market. Most chemical peels contain one acid to address just one skin concern. The VI Peel is blended with 5 of the top acids on the market to synergistically address multiple skin concerns at once. Read more.

VI Peel IVme

Blog: VI Peel Sun Damage Skin Care

One of the biggest contributors to the skin looking older is pigment. At IVme we have the perfect option to target unsightly brown spots and renew the skin all together. The VI Precision Plus peel is formulated with 5 of the top acids available in medical skin care today.  Click here to read the blog.

About Your VI Peel Experience at IVme

1. Your first step is to call your local IVme center to schedule your complimentary skin care consultation with one of our licensed aestheticians.

2. At the time of your in depth consultation, your skin care provider will perform a full skin assessment, take pre peel photos and develop a treatment plan specifically for you. This will consist of recommendations for the number of peels needed to achieve desired results, as well as post peel skin care treatment and product suggestions. Education is very important to us and all of your questions and concerns will be addressed at this time.

3. At your appointment, you will be in a comfortable and calming atmosphere. The peel process is comfortable and takes just 20 minutes. Once completed, your aesthetician will explain all post procedure instructions and answer all questions.

4. Prior to leaving, our front desk team will schedule your follow up appointment. The follow up appointment is important to monitor the treatment results, document post-peel results with “after” photos, and confirm or refine the treatment plan going forward. The follow up appointment can also be a great time to enjoy a hydrating facial to replenish the skin. 

5. Our staff is only one call away.  If you have any questions or concerns after your peel, please call your local IVme center to speak to your skin care provider.  We love hearing from you and are always here to help 

6. Your opinion matters to us and we would greatly appreciate a Google Review .  Tipping is also an option (but not expected) for patients who found their experience exceptional.