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Month: September 2020

Is a Vitamin D deficiency holding you back from living unstoppable?

40% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. When you consider how important Vitamin D is to living a long, active and happy life, it’s no surprise that Dr. Jack, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of IVme Wellness + Aesthetics, ranks it high on his list of health priorities.

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Meet Heather Herrick, IVme Milwaukee Co-Founder and Nurse Injector

Meet Heather Herrick, Co-Founder of IVme in Milwaukee and Nurse Injector Heather Herrick has her MSN from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Children’s Wisconsin prior to joining IVme. She has over 10 years of pediatric nursing experience and has worked with cosmetic injectables since 2014. Her passion for helping […]

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Meet Gina Werner, Clinical Director and Nurse Injector at IVme

Meet Gina Werner, Clinical Director and Nurse Injector at IVme Gina Werner, R.N., is the Clinical Director and a Nurse Injector at IVme. Gina is responsible for the documentation and training of all procedures and protocols for IVme’s health, beauty and recovery treatments. Prior to being on the IVme launch team in 2012, Gina was […]

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Take charge and be charged with B12

B12 is essential to your body. The health benefits of B12 are numerous. This vital, naturally occurring vitamin is critical for the body’s production of red blood cells, nerve function, melatonin production, energy levels, metabolism.

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