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Category: Athletic IV

Avoid Late-Round Golf Fatigue with IV Hydration

From spring through fall, IVme welcomes a steady stream of golfers coming in for the Athletic IV. This personalized IV includes fluids, electrolytes, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, and Glutathione with the option to add anti-inflammatory medicine to help relieve aches and pain. A Super B intramuscular shot is also included to help sustain the treatment's health benefits. Not only does the IV help with rapid hydration, it also supports endurance, cellular repair, pain relief, focus, fatigue, and muscle recovery.

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Avoid late-round golf fatigue with IV Hydration at IVme

  Avoid late-round golf fatigue with IV Hydration at IVme Experienced golfers know that hydration can improve your game both mentally and physically. If you want to turn that par into a birdie on the back nine, IV hydration might give you the edge you’re seeking. Various studies were published during the first half of […]

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