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Category: Aesthetics

Neurotoxin Injections: Preventative and Restorative Skin Care

At IVme, we understand that part of feeling your best includes looking your best, and our exceptionally skilled and equally caring team is committed to helping you enhance your naturally beautiful appearance. It’s often said that IVme operates as a medical facility with a spa-like atmosphere and experience.

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Beauty from the Inside AND Out

“This package takes skin care to a whole new level,” says Jack Dybis, D.O. and IVme Founder.

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DiamondGlow™ Facial at IVme

DiamondGlow’s 3x1 technology simultaneously incorporates EXFOLIATION to uncover renewed skin, EXTRACTION to deeply cleanse and remove debris from the pores and INFUSION with 5 different nourishing ProInfusion™ serums to treat the skin.  

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DiamondGlow – A Spa Experience with Clinical Results

The DiamondGlow™ device is a general dermabrasion device that gently removes the top layer of skin and delivers topical cosmetic serums onto the skin.

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VI Peel Skin Care Benefits

  VI Peel Skin Care Benefits Fall is the most popular time to start addressing skin concerns created by all of the summer time fun in the sun. There are a lot of options to address sun damage. Chemical peels are one of the most effective and long standing treatments available to target unsightly sun […]

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Skin Care Awareness Month at IVme

Skin Care Awareness Month at IVme Author: Keri Gardiner, Licensed Aesthetician, IVme Wellness + Aesthetics September is skin care awareness month. It is the perfect time to bring awareness to the fundamentals of skin health as well as the perfect time to switch from summer to winter products. Just like the seasons, skin care needs […]

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Post-Summer Skin Care

Post-Summer Skin Care Author: Keri Gardiner, Licensed Aesthetician, IVme Wellness + Aesthetics As sad as it is, summer is almost behind us, along with extra time in the sun.  As much as we love spending time outside, it can wreck our skin. With busy schedules, skin care often gets pushed to the back burner. Now […]

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VIPeel Sun Damage Skin Care

VI Peel Sun Damage Skin Care One of the biggest contributors to the skin looking older is pigment. Hyper-pigmentation on the face in the form of brown spots, sun damage and melasma block the reflection of light, making the skin appear dull and aged. Most of the sun damage on our skin was formed in […]

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About the ToxBooster™

About the ToxBooster™ Aging shows up on our face in many forms.  Fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots and rough skin texture all play a role in the skin appearing older.  There are several options available to target these skin irregularities separately.  This typically results in several trips to your provider to address each skin concern.  What […]

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