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Ultimate Radiance with IVme’s Look Better Bundle

In 2022, IVme Wellness + Aesthetics launched a collection of Vitamin Shot Bundles to help our customers find just the right treatment for their health and wellness goals.  IVme's Look Better Bundle features four intramuscular shots that help achieve a brighter and healthier complexion while benefiting overall health.

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Dr. Jack on Vitamin D

Dr. Jack on Vitamin D (For a live version see Dr. Jack’s post on LinkedIn; October 2020) Hi it’s Dr. Jack here. Today I want to talk a little bit about our October treatment of the month (#TOTM) – Vitamin D. Here in the midwest we tend to associate Vitamin D with mood elevation, especially […]

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Is a Vitamin D deficiency holding you back from living unstoppable?

40% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. When you consider how important Vitamin D is to living a long, active and happy life, it’s no surprise that Dr. Jack, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of IVme Wellness + Aesthetics, ranks it high on his list of health priorities.

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Take charge and be charged with B12

B12 is essential to your body. The health benefits of B12 are numerous. This vital, naturally occurring vitamin is critical for the body’s production of red blood cells, nerve function, melatonin production, energy levels, metabolism.

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